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  • ABSA International BIOSAFETY Month - October 2018


    ABSA International is proud to announce the 5th anniversary of Biosafety Month in October 2018. The theme for this year is “Promoting a Culture of Biosafety and Responsibility” with the social networking hashtag #getyourcultureon

    The 2018 Biosafety Month is a period of time when individuals and organizations are encouraged to focus on and reinforce their attention to biosafety and biosecurity standards.

    Thematic elements of enhancing a culture of biosafety include:
    • Enhancing biosafety training
    • Promoting the development of comprehensive biosafety standard operating procedures
    • Engaging senior leadership to advocate for biosafety programs
    • Supporting researchers to take an active role in biosafety efforts in their laboratories
    • Encouraging institutions to develop non-punitive incident reporting systems and provide lessons learned
    • Highlighting successes in the conduct of ethical and safe research
    • Promoting public transparency regarding institutional biosafety oversight.
    Biosafety Month provides an opportunity for biosafety professionals to demonstrate their value to the research community and general public by working to promote safe research and help cultivate a culture of safety.

    ABSA International is pleased to be a part of 2018 Biosafety Month, “Promoting a Culture of Biosafety and Responsibility” and encourages all biosafety professionals to “Get Your Culture On!” #getyourcultureon.

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  • 61st Annual Biological Safety Conference


    Charleston Convention Center
    Charleston, South Carolina
    October 12-17, 2018
    • Three full days of intensive preconference courses to educate and inspire
    • Three full days of state-of-the-art keynotes, papers, and panels highlighting best practices and hands-on skills crucial for today’s biosafety and biosecurity professionals
    • Exhibits showcasing the latest in laboratory biosafety and biosecurity products and services
    • Invaluable networking opportunities to share and learn from other biosafety and biosecurity professionals
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  • 8th Annual ABSANZ Biosafety and Biocontainment Conference


    8th Annual ABSANZ Biosafety and Biocontainment Conference 

    Planning for the 8th Annual ABSANZ Biosafety and Biocontainment Conference is well underway. We hope that you are planning to join us at Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand, where you can meet, greet and interact with fellow members of the biosafety and biocontainment community including industry, regulators and researchers. 

    Te Papa Tongarewa is the Museum of New Zealand and an absolute jewel in the Wellington crown.

    Following very positive feedback from the 2017 post conference survey, we will again be designing the 2018 program around abstract submissions.

    The Committee has come up with some exciting themes designed to include specific sessions to attract architects and engineers in addition to researchers and biosafety managers.

    • Lab acquired infections to include new diseases
    • Targeted pathogen risk
    • Training, governance and maintenance of training
    • Biocontainment – including large animals (waste and decontamination)
    • Macrobiological hazards
    • Software updates: How we govern and maintain biosafety (to include training methods for onboarding new staff)
    • Plants: import/export issues, facilities and containment, field trials
    • Compliance and regulation changes
    • New facilities/design trends
    We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the conference area on the ABSANZ website and make note the key dates. Be sure to visit often as more information will be added as planning progresses, and we will remind you as key dates approach. Should you have colleagues or know of anyone who you think would be interested in presenting, exhibiting or attending, we would very much appreciate you passing on relevant information or ask them to get in touch to join our mailing list.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our 2018 conference in Wellington later this year.

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