Registered Biological Safety Officer Designation

In 2018, the Canadian Association for Biological Safety (CABS-ACSB) launched the Registration for Biological Safety Officers program! CABS-ACSB is offering a Registered Biological Safety Officer designation (RBSO) program to recognize biological safety professionals in Canada.

CABS-ACSB intent is to register professionals working in biosafety in Canada based on four criteria.

  • Formal education;
  • Professional development training;
  • Years of experience; and
  • Scope of experience.

By validating the credentials of an applicant, CABS-ACSB creates a brand new recognition program for biosafety officers in Canada. With a uniform set of assessment criteria, registered BSO’s represent a known set of credentials to current and future employers. Registered BSO’s are required to adhere to an established code of conduct, which will further assure clients and employers that a Canadian registered BSO will work to the highest standards in the biosafety field. The additional benefit of CABS-ACSB BSO registration is that our marketing and increasing visibility in the field and industry will work to improve the opportunities available to members. This registration initiative provides a basis for future certification of BSO’s in Canada, who have completed both an appropriate program of study and a certification exam to establish competency. Also, if you are planning to progress your professional experiences and development in the field of biosafety, the Registered BSO would be a requirement in order to apply for the College of Canadian Microbiologists (CCM)’s Specialist Microbiology (SCCM) Biosafety Officer Certification designation.

RBSO Criteria and Application Process

The Registered Biological Safety Officers (RBSO) program is based on submitting an application, which is approved by the Registration Committee. Refer to the CABS-ACSB Registered Biological Safety Officer Standard Guide (May 2018) for details regarding the CABS-ACSB BSO Registration program, including application, maintenance, and renewal process.

To submit an application to the Registration Committee, download the following RBSO application BSO Registration Form and submit your completed application to the CABS-ACSB email at or send it to:

Tom Walus,
PO Box 47054 Marion PO
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2H 3G9

Once reviewed by the Registration Committee, the successful applicant will receive affirmation from CABS-ACSB that the individual has satisfactorily met the requirements in education and experience; hence is authorized to use the designation RBSO.

For information regarding the renewal process of the RBSO program, contact CABS-ACSB.

Certified Biological Safety Officers (CBSO)

CABS-ACSB and the College of Canadian Microbiologists (CCM) are working together to develop the Certified Biological Safety Officer Certification designation. The CABS-ACSB Registered BSO designation would be a requirement in order to apply for the CCM’s Specialist Microbiology (SCCM) Biological Safety Officer Certification designation.

Both associations are in the final stages of setting up this certification program.

When both the program of study and the competency exam are established and finalized, CABS will roll out future initiatives to certify BSO’s. The CABS executive team will keep you advised as this initiative develops in the coming months.

RBSO Program Update 2019

CABS-ACSB is still in the process of actively receiving and reviewing all RBSO applications with the RBSO Sub-Committee of volunteers. We anticipate sending out confirmation of the Registration in early 2020. All approved applicants will be required to be a member in good standing of CABS-ACSB, with our membership renewals in January. If you have any questions or would like to submit your application for registration, please don't hesitate to contact CABS-ACSB directly at