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CABS-ACSB membership is open to anyone who has an interest in biological safety. This includes microbiologists, laboratory workers, health care professionals, veterinarians, safety officers, industrial hygienists, certifiers and engineers. Knowledge on laboratory design, containment principals, sterilization and disinfection, etc. is essential in preventing exposure and infections in the workplace. The membership fee is $50.00 per year. Membership year runs from January to December.

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Future Events

  • ABSANZ 11th Annual Conference - Biosafety and Biosecurity in Turbulent Times


    Oct. 30th to Nov. 3rd, 2023 in Queenstown, New Zealand

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    About Us

    The Canadian Association for Biological Safety/L’Association Canadienne Pour La Sécurité Biologique (CABS-ACSB) was formed in 1990 as the Canadian affiliate of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA). CABS-ACSB is a non-profit association, which aims to establish a Canadian network of individuals interested in a wide variety of biological safety issues and to enhance the knowledge and understanding of biological safety.

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    Interested in finding out the many benefits of becoming a CABS member and the broad spectrum of individuals that we represent? Check us out and become a member! CABS-ACSB offers Canadian biosafety professionals, whether employed by public health organisations, clinical/pharmaceutical/medical industry, laboratories, university and research institutions, or other organisations that have an active interest in biological safety.

    Membership Benefits

    CABS-ACSB membership is for biosafety professionals of all levels to expand their knowledge, and explore future issues. CABS-ACSB is currently involved in other projects such as participating and collaborating with other biosafety related groups to form a national voice for Biosafety professionals in Canada, helping in the development of training initiatives, and develop the Canadian Registered Biosafety Professional program.

    Nominations and Elections

    CABS-ACSB executive is the voice for making the critical decisions needed to keep the association strong and highly relevant in our ever-changing field. We are all responsible for ensuring we select individuals who will keep CABS-ACSB in the forefront of biosafety and help build a solid future.

    Strategic Plan – Future Objectives

    To supports its members and to develop its role in the national and international community CABS/ACSB makes available a variety of opportunities and resources to facilitate the sharing of expertise. To develop a Biosafety Professional Registered Designation program in Canada.

    President's Message

    First let me say that I am honoured and humbled to be serving the biosafety committee in Canada as the President of CABS-ACSB. These are exciting and trying times for all of us in the safety/biosafety world!

    More and more biosafety professionals are being called upon to serve