Membership Benefits

Interested in finding out the many benefits of becoming a CABS member and the broad spectrum of individuals that we represent? Check us out and become a member! CABS-ACSB offers Canadian biosafety professionals, whether employed by public health organisations, clinical/pharmaceutical/medical industry, laboratories, university and research institutions, or other organisations that have an active interest in biological safety, an opportunity to participate in its activities and bring their voice and vision to this growing association.

Professional Development

CABS-ACSB is currently involved in other projects such as participating and collaborating with other biosafety related groups to form a national voice for Biosafety professionals in Canada, helping in the development of training initiatives, and develop the Canadian Registered Biosafety Professional program.


CABS-ACSB participates in the annual Canadian Biosafety Symposium and strives to meet and engage with its members by hosting an annual general meeting (AGM). The AGM offers an opportunity for members to speak out about any concerns, ideas, or feedback related to the Biosafety field.

Members get involved with CABS-ACSB by partaking in several working and task groups that have been established to advise the association on specific working areas within the biosafety framework, and to undertake tasks required by the Executive.

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Biosafety Officer Registration

The Canadian Association for Biological Safety (CABS-ACSB) Executive launched the Biosafety Officer Registration program in 2018.

The intent is to register professionals working in biosafety in Canada based on four criteria.

1. Formal education;
2. Professional development training;
3. Years of experience; and
4. Scope of experience.

For more information regarding the Biosafety Registration program, please go to: BSO Registration

Nominations and Elections

CABS-ACSB executive is the voice for making the critical decisions needed to keep the association strong and highly relevant in our ever-changing field. We are all responsible for ensuring we select individuals who will keep CABS-ACSB in the forefront of biosafety and help build a solid future.

In 2017, the executive is looking for candidates interested in the following positions:

  • Nominations and Elections Officer; and
  • Communications Officer.

If you or know of an individual who might fit any of positions, please feel free to contact us at: with your suggestions.

The responsibilities of each position will be posted in detail in the CABS-ACSB Bylaws under About Us.

Getting Involved

Become involved! We are looking for volunteers help improve and move the Biosafety profession forward within Canada and help achieve CABS-ACSB mission and goals. CABS-ACSB would like to initiate several working groups in order to:

  • Help provide content for the website, which will be a forum to exchange ideas and resources, to ask questions, to look for job opportunities, to network with others within the Canadian biosafety community, and become a vital resource and reference for the latest in biosafety material;
  • Help in biosafety training development from a Canadian perspective;
  • Help with membership engagement;
  • Help with the development of the Canadian biosafety registered professional program; and
  • Much more!

If you are interested in joining one of the Working or Task Groups, please contact us! Help make CABS-ACSB strong; we are only strong as our membership!


If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, please feel free to contact CABS-ACSB through email at or through any of our social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linked-In.

Join CABS-ACSB today and have voice!