Up Comming Events

  • Join us at ABSA 62nd Biosafety and Biosecurity Conference!!


    Come and visit our booth at this years  ABSA International 62nd Biosafety and BIosecurity Conference in Birmingham, Alabama, USA!  

    Conference site:

  • CABS-ACSB Registered Biosafety Officer UPDATE


    CABS-ACSB is still in the processof actively receiving and reviewing all RBSO applications with the RBSOSub-Committee of volunteers. We anticipate sending out confirmation of theRegistration in early 2020. All approved applicants will be required to be amember in good standing of CABS-ACSB, with our membership renewals in January, 2020. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact CABS-ACSB directlyat .