Future Events

  • Canadian Biosafety Symposium 2024


    Join us from September September 17-19, 2024 in Saskatoon!

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  • ABSA International 67th Annual Biosafety and Biosecurity Conference


    November 1-6, 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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    Who We Are

    The Canadian Association for Biological Safety/L’Association Canadienne Pour La Sécurité Biologique (CABS-ACSB) was formed in the 1990's as the Canadian affiliate of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA). CABS-ACSB aims to establish a Canadian network of individuals interested in a wide variety of biological safety issues and to enhance the knowledge and understanding of biological safety.

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    Become a Member

    Welcome! Membership is open to more than specialists in biological and biosecurity. Represent professionals such as microbiologists, laboratory workers, health care professionals, veterinarians, OHS safety officers, industrial hygienists, certifiers and engineers, regulators, containment principals, sterilization and disinfection, and many others.

    Membership provides a place for professional to meet, training opportunities, and networking

    Annual membership fee is $50.00 and runs from January to December.

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    The Candian Biosafety Symposium is an annual event which features training and networking opportunities, and presentations on an array of biosafety/biosecurity topics and other safety-related subjects. It provides a unique opportunity for the biosafety/biosecurity community to learn and share knowledge with colleagues from across Canada and other countries.

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    High Containment

    The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO), CABS-ACSB, and Merrick Canada ULC are pleased to co-present the International High Containment Operations and Maintenance Workshop.

    This workshop addresses the increasing needs of facility operators, maintenance and operations staff for training in relevant aspects of biocontainment facilities and fills a critical need within the operations and maintenance community.

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    Registered Biological Safety Professionals (RBSOs)

    CABS-ACSB offers a Registered Biological Safety Officer designation (RBSO) program to recognize biological safety professionals and similar safety disciplines in Canada. Credentials are based on formal education, professional development training, and experience.

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